About (Physics With AJ)

NEB physics notes and solutions of important questions for students of class 11 and class 12 are posted on this website.

Physics With AJ

Physics With AJ is an educational website related to physics, created by a physics lecturer (Ajay Jha)  to help students with physics. Visitors can get assistance regarding physics for +2 and competitive entrance examination for Bachelor’s level. All the necessary stuffs are posted above so that students and interested knowledge seekers can have free access to all the stuffs like (Notes, Important questions etc.). NEB Physics notes for class 11 and class 12 students of science faculty are posted on regular basis. Our website can be really helpful for the scholars to get clear concepts and understanding of physics. Students will be getting class-notes, short question-answer, long question-answer, numerical problem-solution for +2 physics, multiple choice questions for bachelor’s level entrance exam and even more useful stuffs on physics. This can be a perfect place for the students and knowledge seekers to learn and know more about the power of physics. Feel free to visit the website or contact us for further more suggestions and queries.

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